Hi there and welcome to my Taylor Swift fan page! I hope that this will be a place we can share in our mutual love and appreciation for Taylor. I created this site (and its sister site “IHeartTaylorSwift.com“) out of a genuine love for Taylor as an artist. I’ve seen how much she’s meant to so many over the years and have lived vicariously through the many people that have met her.  I hope that I can continue to build friendships with many of you and I’d love to hear your stories! For myself, meeting Taylor is at the top of my bucket list.  I won’t give up that hope, despite so many years passing without so much as a single ”Like” or “Follow” online by Taylor or Taylor Nation. I’m keeping the faith that my “someday” will come and if you’ve found this page, I hope you will too!


I am a 40-something year old #Swiftie to my core. I can trace my love of Taylor back to a single car ride in September of 2007. I was driving home from my very first grocery shopping trip as a new mom of a 2 week old baby boy. Upon hearing “Our Song”, I was instantly hooked on the storytelling of this new artist. I went home and Googled her to find out more about this new songwriter. The rest as they say, is history….

Like so many, Taylor has helped me in some of my loneliest and darkest days. My husband served in the Army for 24 years and he was away for deployments and military duty constantly when we were first married. I found myself worried and alone quite a bit. Shortly after my second son was born nearly 10 years ago, I was left permanently disabled. I went from being extremely active physically, to being bedridden with chronic pain most days. I’ve had many, many, many surgeries during that time and the one constant besides my loved ones, has been music. Wherever I go, my headphones are the first item packed. From listening to her albums while in MRI machines, throughout hospital stays, in operating rooms and while trying to build my strength to walk again, I’ve listened to Taylor every step of the way. She has encouraged me in ways no one else could. There’s nothing quite like seeing an operating room full of Doctors and Nurses dancing around to “Shake It Off” as you’re being prepped for surgery! Upon waking up in recovery, I’m always greeted with questions such as “Who’s the biggest pop star in the world?” or “Name Taylor’s albums for us” rather than the usual questions of “What day is today?” or “Who’s the President?” I’m surrounded by Taylor fans and I count myself blessed that I am.


I can relate to those who say Taylor saved their life in one way or another. Taylor’s music has gotten me through many of my darkest days and nights of pain and despair, when it would have been so much easier to leave it all behind permanently. On days that my pain seemed to be just too much to live with, I would slip on my headphones and lose myself in her lyrics. While our lives are completely different from one another, I found common ground in the emotion and feeling in her words and experiences. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to see her twice in concert. The first was in 2015 for her 1989 tour in Seattle and most recently, I was able to see her once again in Seattle for her reputation tour. Because of my constant surgeries and physical limitations, making an 8 hour trip from my home to Seattle is quite an ordeal. I have to make sure I will not have anything scheduled surgery wise during that time frame and then allow for a generous amount of recovery time. Because I use a walker or wheelchair most days, I have to ensure that I can sit somewhere with handicap access. I also travel by myself (Much to my husband’s dismay) and the trip can be very hard for me physically.  My greatest fear with each tour is that in the days leading up to the concert, I’ll be unable to make the trip due to my pain.  With the reputation concert in May, 2018, I was especially fearful, because I had a major surgery just 3 weeks before the concert. I have a permanent pain pump implanted in my stomach area and it had to be replaced. Without it, I will die.  The usual recovery time is at a minimum, 6 weeks. I trained as if I were in the Olympics to be strong enough to make the trip to Seattle! After waiting 3 years since the last concert, I wasn’t going to miss Taylor this time around. I was extremely happy that I had a chance to meet so many of you from Twitter. I had spent 57 HOURS on my 3 headstones from the “Look What You Made Me Do” video. It was a labor of love and I was so proud of how they turned out.  I loved taking pictures with you and cherish those newfound friendships that were made that night. Upon walking into the stadium, I started to cry because I felt that it was such a huge accomplishment to be there with so many who felt about Taylor as I did. The culmination of fear, pain, and anxiety of possibly not being physically able to make the trip, along with the excitement and anticipation of seeing your favorite artist again in person, was almost too great to express! The feeling of love and support Leveryone attending the concert took my breath away. I can truly say, May 22, 2018 was a day I’ll remember and cherish forever. Thank you Taylor and everyone who shared in that night with me. It was magical.

I try to live my life with the motto of practice “Loving kindness” to friends, family and strangers alike.  If you’ve found your way to this page, please know that I’m grateful you took a few minutes out of your day to read my very first blog post EVER. (See, you CAN teach old dogs new tricks!) Feel free to leave me a comment. I’d love to hear about you, your life and your hope or experience in seeing a Taylor concert. I hope you’ll visit often.

Until my next post, please share a heartfelt smile with someone today. You never know when it may just mean the world to someone who is hurting physically, emotionally, or mentally. “Loving Kindness”; 2 simple words, with a huge impact.

With much Swiftie love,